Lovely Yummy Alternative Wedding ‘Cakes’

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Sweet wedding cake I love the fact that not everyone has what is seen as a traditional wedding cake these days, a lot of people don’t like fruit cake so other types of cake are not unusual, but what if you don’t want cake at all? Take a look at some of these fabulousideas that people have come up with. I am loving the 100% sweetie cake above, that must smell AMAZING….

Triple Cheesecake Wedding Cake A three tier cheese cake, so yummy and such a great wedding dessert for everyone.
Pork Pie Wedding Cake This is a Pork Pie wedding cake. This would be great if you were having a buffet for your meal, as you could cut the cake before you started eating and then it would become part of dinner!
Pizza Wedding Cake A Pizza cake….could get rather messy if there is sauce inbetween those layers.
Jelly Wedding Cake A great Jelly display….you could have lots of different flavours, such as strawberry and champagne or rose and rhubarb.
Hamburger Wedding Cake If you are a fast-food fan why not go for a giant burger!
Wedding Cake made of Cheese It’s cheese and perfect for eating as dessert or a cheese course at the end while the speeches are going on?
So there you have it, some lovely alternative cake options for your wedding. What are you planning to have for your big day? We would love to hear about it.

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  1. Ice the Cake May 18, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    Completely fabulous I love this blog and have share on our FB page! x

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