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Wedding Party - Gabriel Haidau Photography

“I enjoy weddings and I believe that this passion for reportage/contemporary wedding photography is crucial to create stunning and memorable images. I love being with the bride, groom and family for the day and being given the opportunity to take natural photographs that will provide the family and guests with happy memories.”

This weeks photographer profile is Gabriel Haidau, a London based wedding photographer…. What are your top five key shots that you make sure you take at every wedding?

“The bride and groom, beauty shot, the boys, details and the guests”

Wedding Flowers - Gabriel Haidau Photography

What Inspires You?

“I’m always inspired by bride and groom, their energy and love for each other. Then of course, surroundings, venue, guests…”

Wedding Couple - Gabriel Haidau Photography What do you like to photograph on your own time?

“I’m passionate about portrait and landscape photography but I would say my biggest passion is wedding photography. Nothing compares with taken the right picture at the right time in the right place.”

Kissing Couple - Gabriel Haidau Photography Describe your style in three words

“Reportage, modern and classic.”

Bride - Gabriel Haidau Photography What questions do you ask potential clients?

“What are your photography expectations for the big day? What’s the plan for the wedding day? Budget, are you using a wedding planner and do you understand, and want, the style of photographs that I like to produce?”

Trash The Dress Shoot - Gabriel Haidau Photography

Trash The Dress Shoot - Gabriel Haidau Photography

What is the craziest shoot you have done?

“I was having a “trash the dress” shoot near a railway bridge and the model was so courageous that she posed a few metres from a passing train without being distracted, then we moved on to the bridge and carried on shooting. Luckily it was an open field and our party was on the watch so they would have seen a train coming ten minutes before reaching us. Don’t worry no one was in any danger at any time. I was happy and the bride was happy so I think that was an amazing/crazy shoot.”

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Gabriel. If you would like to see what else Gabriel has been up to you drop her an e-mail at, or check out her website

All images © Gabriel Haidau Photography

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