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Intro - Ravinder Crone Photography

“I am a contemporary photographer specialising in weddings, portraits, lifestyle, commercial and corporate commissions.  My style is natural and captures the story of a wedding day as it unfolds with images that have a timeless appeal.  I shoot in a relaxed manner and I love to capture real emotions.  It’s good to make people look and feel great in their images.  I am very passionate about what I do, it is always rewarding to creatively document weddings and give images to my clients that they will treasure forever.  The images are designed to reflect the individual personalities of the couple and the pictures tell the story of their wedding in an inspiring, natural and creative style.  I see beauty in everyone and I believe strongly in the power of photography.”

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today Ravinder.. What are your top five key shots that you make sure you take at every wedding?

Detail - Ravinder Crone Photography

“The brides dress, shoes and the rings are things that have been chosen with care and for me detailed shots of these come together to set the scene.”

Nervous groom - Ravinder Crone Photography

“I love to capture those moments before the bride arrives as the groom sits nervously waiting for her to walk down the aisle.”

Kiss - Ravinder Crone Photography

“Another important moment for me is the exchanging of the rings as this symbolises the joining of the couple and then their first kiss as husband and wife.”

Couple - Ravinder Crone Photography

“I like to take the couple away to a quiet spot and catch those first shared moments when they can relax and be themselves.”

Reaction - Ravinder Crone Photography

“I also enjoy shooting the reactions of the family and guests throughout the day as there can be some really emotional moments and sometimes amusing ones too.”

Boy with Cake - Ravinder Crone Photography

What Inspires You?

“I find inspiration in people and the world around us and I love documenting what I see, and I am lucky enough to work in a profession that allows me to indulge my passion.” 

Family - Ravinder Crone Photography

What do you like to photograph on your own time?

“I enjoy lifestyle photography documenting real life events, whether it be faces, textures or colours and utilising natural light or bringing in differing light sources to get a dramatic effect.  I especially like working with children, as they are great fun to photograph.”

Style - Ravinder Crone Photography

Describe your style in three words.

“Contemporary, Inspiring, Natural.”

Engagement - Ravinder Crone Photography

What questions do you ask potential clients?

“Ensuring that the couple are at ease is important to me.  I like to know how they met, where and when, how the proposal took place.  For couples who have booked my full coverage package, I offer a complimentary pre-wedding shoot. This is a lovely way for me to continue to build a rapport with them and for them to experience being relaxed in front of the lens together.  I always ask if there are any significant photos that the couple would like, for example a specific piece of jewellery, perhaps a family heirloom. It’s always good to know the style and size of the wedding party, and if there are any restrictions on the use of flash and confetti at the ceremony.”

Laugh - Ravinder Crone Photography

What is the one thing every client should tell you?

“I ask the couple to share with me the moments that make them laugh together, so I can remind them on the day to help them relax if they are getting nervous or stressed.  It works everytime.”

Veg - Ravinder Crone Photography

What is the craziest shoot you have done?

“I have always wanted to do a creative food themed shoot, looking at food from a different perspective.  I wanted to ensure the subject looked striking, bold, beautiful and unusual.”

Location - Ravinder Crone Photography

What has been your all time favourite wedding location?

“It’s hard to choose as there are so many lovely venues.  Eastwell Manor in Ashford is one of my favourites, as I grew up in Kent.  Set within a 3000 acre estate with perfectly manicured lawns and beautiful grounds in the heart of the Kent countryside is impossible to beat and impossible to forget.  The historic Manor House sits at the end of a long tree-lined drive and is a highly esteemed Country House Hotel with a quality of service hard to equal.”

Location 2 - Ravinder Crone Photography

“Also the Dairy at Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire close to where I live nestles in a tranquil waterside setting amidst glorious gardens offering a haven of peaceful tranquillity where total exclusivity is guaranteed for weddings.  The Dairy and Manor grounds offers a wonderfully romantic backdrop – whatever the season.”

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Ravinder. If you would like to see what else Ravinder has been up to you can take a look at her Facebook or Twitter pages, drop her an e-mail at, or check out her website

All images © Ravinder Crone Photography

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