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Group Taking Pictures - Hugh Miller Photography

“I’m a Surrey based wedding photographer. Being a photographer doesn’t mean I need to be a director and your wedding day is a fantastic, personal event. Not a film project. The day  produces a galaxy of opportunities for photographs. My relaxed and friendly way of doing things means I quickly establish a rapport with your guests. By doing so they soon forget I have a camera and you get striking photography, capturing all the joyful tears and precious moments.”

This weeks photographer profile is from Hugh Miller Photography, so lets jump right into the questions and take a look at some of Hugh’s amazing pictures. What are your top five key shots that you make sure you take at every wedding?

Getting Ready - Hugh Miller Photography

“Getting ready, a fantastic photo showing all the emotion and excitement of the day. Exchange of rings and first kiss. Bride and groom leaving as man and wife. Anything that adds to the story of your day. First dance”

First Kiss - Hugh Miller Photography “Thats more then 5 isn’t it? I believe the story of your wedding is made day is made up of 100′s of moments, big and small, which put together tell the story in an unforgettable way.”

Couple in Park - Hugh Miller Photography

What Inspires You?

“Blimey, theres a question. I love really good photography –  Tim Walker is fantastic, and I’d love to know where he gets his ideas. There are lots of other photographers who’s work I look at regularly as well.

More then anything else I think its the people I work with. They’ve invariably put so much thought into their weddings, and finding things that mean the world to them, that inspires me to build up on it.”

Inspiration Shoot - Hugh Miller Photography

What do you like to photograph on your own time?

“Anything underwater. Theres a whole other world that I love exploring and photographing”

Bride and Groom - Hugh Miller Photography

Describe your style in three words?

“Relaxed, uncontrived and informal.”

Bride - Hugh Miller Photography What questions do you ask potential clients?

“I want to understand their wedding and by extension them. I’ll ask questions that let me do just that and allow me to take the photographs that are really important to them.”

Bride & Groom Close Up - Hugh Miller Photography

What is the one thing every client should tell you?

“How they proposed, or were proposed to. That tell so much about a couple, their personalities and what’s special to them”

Inspiration Shoot - Hugh Miller Photography Inspiration Shoot - Hugh Miller Photography What is the craziest shoot you have done?

“Recently – a shoot at Southside House in Wimbledon. I was lucky enough to be asked to work with some incredibly talented people to come up with something that showed two different sides of a personality – light and dark. I love the results. At the moment I’m working with a few friends on a Maire-Antoinette mets Louis Carroll type idea. It’s going to be fantastic.”

Bride and Groom - Hugh Miller Photography

What has been your all time favourite wedding location?.

 “A place called Castellana Grotto, very much in the middle of nowhere in Italy. A fantastic setting for a wedding and a really joyous celebration. Superb food too. Closer to home I love Clandon Park (near Guilford), its just spectacular, or Pembroke Lodge in Richmond. A stunning venue, in a great location and events staff who are second to none.”

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Hugh. If you would like to see what else Hugh has been up to you can take a look at his Facebook or Twitter pages, drop him an e-mail at, or check out his website

  Hugh Miller Photography

All Images © Hugh Miller Photography

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