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Engagement Ring

Today’s future brides are casting the classic solitaire diamond engagement ring aside and going for something that’s less traditional and deviates from the standard ring donned by brides of the past. Contemporary couples are currently opting for unique, diverse styles in a variety of designs, metals, and stones. Rare gems, eccentric settings, and special cuts are just a few of the options that engaged couples can choose from. From avant-garde, ostentatious pieces to lovely twists on classic styles, modern engagement rings are bolder and more ornate than their older, typical counterparts.

There is an array of remarkable, eye-catching rings currently trending with brides-to-be, and ring styles such as an update on the classic solitaire, those with a vintage touch, and colourful jewels instead of the average white diamond are only a sample of what engaged couples can choose from. Because of the absorbent amount of different styles and designs, choosing the perfect engagement ring may be an intimidating and overwhelming process, particularly if you have no clue what you want. Also, the ability to design your own, individual ring has made it even more difficult for couples to find the ring that is best suited for the bride-to-be. Whether you go with a dazzling, shiny rock akin to those worn by celebs and royalty, an antique-inspired design, or something more personal with its own distinctive elegance, you’re sure to find the engagement ring that’s right for you as long as you are aware of your options.

Engagement Ring

Something Old, But New

Engagement rings with an antiquated setting incorporating a modern design have become chic among many brides-to-be. These rings are ideal for those with a tamer sense of style because of their natural beauty, grace, and sophistication. Engagement rings embellished with family jewels or significant birth stones complement most vintage prototypes, combining something old with something of sentimental value. Engagement rings that are family heirlooms have also become quite fashionable with trendsetting brides. For those who prefer a new ring with a vintage flair check out 77Diamonds engagement rings as they construct rings with a classic appeal. Whether it be an antique-influenced design or an inherited, family ring, a vintage engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of the joining of two lives together.

Something Blue (or Red or Green)

Colourful stones are not a new trend in engagement rings, but it wasn’t until Prince William bestowed Kate Middleton with a sapphire engagement ring that once belonged to his late mother Princess Diana, that this trend grew, leading soon-to-be-wed couples to add some colour to their rings. Although most couples who select a coloured gem over the usual white diamond engagement ring typically opt for a stone that carries emotional value, some aren’t connected to a specific jewel. However, with this growing trend, there are plenty of unusual gems fit for the ring finger of any future bride.

Whether your ring is an antique or a double halo with diamonds in a spectrum of colours, there are a plethora of splendid rings that will make your engagement super special.

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