Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

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wedding dress shopping

So you have your venue booked and now it’s time to start the hunt for your wedding dress. Some people can find the process of finding ‘the one’ really stressful, so I am going to give you some top tips that will help you not only find the dress of your dreams but also to enjoy the process.¬†

Take someone with you that you trust. Be it your mum, best friend, sister or aunt. Try not to take too many people with you, in fact when you first start the search I would suggest just one or two people. When you have narrowed down the selection you can always bring more people along.

Don’t expect to find your dress in the first shop, in fact your very first appointment should be about trying on the different styles of wedding dress and seeing what style/shape best suits your body type. If your not sure what the different styles are pop back on Wednesday when we have a blog post that will explain them all.

Don’t think your dress has to be white. Once you have worked out what style of dress suits you, try on different colours. I ended up picking a gold coloured dress as it added a lovely warmth due to my light hair and skin tone.

Don’t impulse buy… if you think you have found your dress in the first dress shop in the first hour of looking, take a note of all the details and come back in a few days to try it on again. Ask yourself these questions – can you dance in it all night? Are you able to sit and eat in it and still be comfortable? Does the fabric crease at the first touch? Does the dress make you feel self-conscious about any part of your body?
Be 100% sure before you buy!

Try and schedule appointments early in the day or mid-week. Wedding dress shops Saturday afternoons are very busy and often frantic. You will get much more attention from staff and a more relaxed experience if you avoid the masses. Always book appointments in advance.

Take your wedding shoes with you. If you have already chosen a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo’s that you want to show off on your wedding day, make sure you take them with you each time you go shopping for your dress. There is nothing worst than finding the dress of your dreams and then you try on your shoes and they just don’t work together – big disappointment!

We hope you have found these top tips helpful in your quest to track down your ideal wedding dress.

 Image Source: Lets Talk Style.

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