Cute Food For The Party Season!

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Mini Milkshake Shooters

Christmas is going to be here in just under a week and most people at some point will be entertaining, so here are some inspirational ideas to mix up the usual offerings and add a touch of the unusual to proceedings… what do you think of these mini milkshake shooters? Add a touch of alcohol to make a lovely grown up cocktail to start things off.

soup with heart

I love this soup idea with little mini heart shaped cheese sandwiches perched on top.. yummy

chicken and waffles

Don’t have fancy serving dishes to serve anything cone shaped? Not a problem, create a stand out of a soft fruit – theres nothing stopping you now..

Donuts and expresso

Need a pick me up later on in the evening, serve mini donuts over a shot of espresso that will liven everyone up!

Chocolate puddings

These little potted plants are in fact mini chocolate puddings, perfect for a party… just make sure people know you aren’t trying to feed them garden matter.

snowman shots

The cutest Christmas dessert anywhere, mini melting ice cream snowmen… ♥

Whatever you are doing this Christmas season we hope it goes Without A Hitch.

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