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I have been inspired to write this blog post as I am currently planning a wedding in 2014. That’s LOADS of time, right? Well yes it is, but the couple want to get married on a Saturday in August, and even through we have two years to go, some of the suppliers that they would like are already booked up, yes it’s true, and it’s not even the¬†photographers this time :)

In the quest to have good weather many people plan to get married during the summer months – yeah d’uh I hear you say, but if you then add in the period during the schools six week holiday it gets uber busy.

So here are my top tips if you are planning to get married in July or August in the UK.

  • If there is a venue you have been dreaming about getting married in ever since you were five, make sure you book it early… the venue and your ceremony must be the first things on your list, and be patient you may have to wait a number of years for an available date if the venue is popular. Some venues can be booked up three or four years in advance during the summer period.
  • Be willing to compromise, and have backups ready. Even booking some things years in advance you won’t have every detail arranged, the florist that you wanted may already be booked, or the band you were thinking of just isn’t available. Because you are picking a busy period (and to save yourself some stress), while looking for suppliers make a shortlist, with options A, B & C, so that if your first option is already booked you know who is next on your list to call.
  • Let your guests know your intended wedding date as soon as you have booked it. I wouldn’t suggest sending save the date cards out two years in advance, but for those people that you really want at your wedding I would drop them an e-mail or call them to let them know, as many people will be planning and booking up their summer holidays a year, eighteen months in advance.
  • Be prepared for it to cost you more. Most suppliers shouldn’t charge a ‘high’ or ‘low’ season fee, they are doing the same amount of work if you were getting married in the summer as they would if you are getting married in the winter, however lots of venues charge more for summer weddings, and as this is approximately where 50% of your budget gets spent, that can make a big difference.
  • Please don’t stress about the weather….if you 100% gotta have sun for your wedding day then you are best going abroad. We have such changeable weather in the UK that nothing is guaranteed. If your wedding date is coming up fast and it’s looking like it will be a rainy day, then I say go for it. Have some fun, buy silly wellyboots and bright colourful umbrellas and just enjoy your special day. You might also be able to get some great wedding pictures, just take a look at some of these for inspiration.

I hope that you have found my tips handy, and if you would like any help or advice then just drop us a line at and we will do what we can to help ‚ô•

Image Via Before The Big Day

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