5 Wedding Venue ‘Do’s’ You Need To Think About

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When planning your wedding there are so many things to remember it can be a bit daunting… where do you start? What should I ask? How do I make sure I don’t forget something REALLY important? Well hopefully over the coming weeks I will be able to help you with some of these things. Last weeks post was all about ‘How to get started‘ and today I have five great wedding venue questions or ‘do’s’ that you need to think about.

Glasses of Wine


Bar Prices

When talking to the venue coordinator be sure to find out what drinks costs are outside of the drinks package that you are offered. It’s not unheard of for venues to charge £15 for two glasses of wine, this can come as a shock to guests and you can find that this becomes the talking subject of the evening. You don’t want your wedding remembered for ‘the one that cost us a fortune for a couple of drinks’. – DO Check out bar prices..

Bride needs a pee



Yeah I know, not something you really think about, but you are going to be (mostly likely) in a long dress, with or without a loop, lots of added material and it’s going to be awkward to take a pee. The added bonus of any venue is for them to have a ‘dressing room’ or bridal room that also has a toilet in it and that you can of course also lock the door. Normally this room will be big, have extra space and you can pee on your own! Failing that, if your venue has a big disabled toilet that you don’t have to trek to – also good as you have more space. I always recommend checking out the toilets when you visit a venue, as sometimes you don’t get what you expect. You want something clean, tidy, with mirrors for ladies wanting to re-fresh make-up and you can always add some small extra details like a box of tissues, scented wipes, hair brush, plasters (for all those wearing new shoes). Collect it all together in a ‘bathroom basket’ and everyone will love the extra thought. DO Check out the toilets

Bride and Groom in Field


Location and Time Of Year

When picking your venue it’s handy to visit at the time of year you will be getting married, if that’s not possible then do some research. Although your venue may have a nice quiet feel when you go and see it in the winter months, how do you know that during the summer there isn’t a festival near by, or if out in the countryside your venue maybe near a farm that has animals – add the summer heat and you can get some nasty smells and a lot of flies!! DO think about your time of year

Wedding Crashers


Wedding Crashers

Something that most people won’t even think about is someone crashing the wedding. This isn’t to say that they are setting out to do it, but sometimes the opportunity presents itself and people try and take advantage. Think about the layout of your venue… do you have a private entrance that only you and your guests will be using? Is the venue a hotel? You are more likely to get a hotel guest wandering into your wedding reception by accident than by design, but if you have an open bar in the evening why should you be paying for someone you don’t even know. If you are getting married in a hotel it’s best if yours is the only wedding and that your guests won’t be going to the same bar as those staying at the hotel. A separate area will cut down on the chance of a gate crasher. The same can be said for a venue that holds a number of weddings on one day…. wedding guests may get board with where they are and wander into your reception instead, likewise evening guests may just end up at the wrong wedding! DO keep an eye open for wedding crashers.

wine bottle


Table Wine

A really important question that you need to ask your venue if you plan to bring in your own wine for your wedding breakfast, is that the wine can be left until drunk. Some venues will say that the wine if not finished by the end of the wedding breakfast will be taken away and corked up for you to take away…. well if you are left with 20 bottles of half drunk wine what can you do with them?? Your going on honeymoon, so unless you want to sort them out and give them away to people the next day you are going to be left with wine that will just end up down the drain… DO ask the venue about anything you are bringing in

We really hope you have found this information helpful. Please feel free to comment or ask questions below. If you need some help with your planning then feel free to drop me a line at victoria@withoutahitch.co.uk and we will do what we can to help. ♥

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