Rain Rain Go Away!

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Bride and Groom on lake in Rain Source

We all hope for sunshine and warm weather on our wedding day, but what if it’s raining like it has been the past few days? What do you do about your pictures? Don’t let rain stop play…. be inspired by these couples and bag yourself an image you will treasure forever.

Reflection in Puddle Source

If the sun does come out and you have lots of puddles to play with how about a beautiful reflection image…

Wind and Rain on Wedding Day Source

Wind can be another issue to over come, but that doesn’t mean all pictures have to be taken inside. Check out these happy smiley people just enjoying the moment.

Windy Wedding Day Source

This has to be my favourite picture…. so beautiful and clearly a planned shot.

Rainy wedding picture Source

If you know that there will be a chance of rain on your wedding day and lets face it, in the UK you should always be prepared! Talk to your photographer about what images you would like, good locations around your venue that would make lovely backdrops, maybe get some fun bright colourful accessories such as welly-boots and umbrellas and then just go for it! You might want to have a ‘back-up’ outfit to change into just in case you really do get soaked as after all you don’t want to spend the rest of the day in a wet dress.

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3 Responses to Rain Rain Go Away!

  1. Rekha June 13, 2012 at 1:56 pm #

    Hi Vicky,

    An inspired moonsoon wedding! http://www.apreshchavda.com/blog/category/weddings/page/2/

    • Without A Hitch June 13, 2012 at 5:44 pm #

      Oh love the pictures of the rain on her face…. great pics x


  1. Book Early For Summer Weddings! | Without A Hitch - August 20, 2012

    [...] Please don’t stress about the weather….if you 100% gotta have sun for your wedding day then you are best going abroad. We have such changeable weather in the UK that nothing is guaranteed. If your wedding date is coming up fast and it’s looking like it will be a rainy day, then I say go for it. Have some fun, buy silly wellyboots and bright colourful umbrellas and just enjoy your special day. You might also be able to get some great wedding pictures, just take a look at some of these for inspiration. [...]

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