Harry Potter Wedding Inspiration

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Harry Potter Engagement Shoot With the final Harry Potter film now released on DVD I have been taking a look at what fun and imaginative ways Harry Potter fans have been incorporating this boy wizard into their wedding day.

I love the engagement shoot above, the way that it looks like they are flying on brooms in this image is just beautiful – what a wonderful idea and could work as a family photo session maybe?

Harry Potter - Engagement Ring In Book Want to marry the ultimate Harry Potter fan? How about hiding the ring in a carved out Harry Potter book? Just make sure it’s not her favorite or she may not forgive you.

Harry Potter Inspiration - Floating Candles This is an amazing display of what you can do when you put your mind to it… floating candles reminiscent of what is seen in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. Works wonderfully well in large spaces with high ceilings. You just better make sure those candles are going to stay floating high in the air and not come crashing down around your guests heads…. that wouldn’t be magical now would it.

Harry Potter Wedding Cakes Two Harry Potter inspired cakes – great for any occasion not just a wedding. The one on the left is a representation of the Weasley house – The Burrows. It’s made out of gingerbread with the shingles made from shreddies, cinnamon sticks have been used for support columns. This is a real work of art if you ask me!

Harry Potter - Snitch Necklace and Flowers Some finishing touches that any Harry Potter fan will love, a beautiful Snitch necklace and the paper flowers have been created from pages of the books.

Harry Potter Wedding Picture
My favorite picture however has to be this. The wedding didn’t even have a Harry Potter theme as such, but the couple with Harry Potter wands from Ollivanders clearly couldn’t resist a picture like this, and I can’t blame them, it’s amazing. Check out the rest of the wedding over at Michelle Chiu Photography.

Some great images and great inspiration for anyone thinking about adding a little spot of magic to their wedding day…come back next week for some real weddings, from people who have taken Harry into their hearts.

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