Fancy A Wedding Dress Made From Balloons?

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Blue Balloon Gown
I couldn’t believe it when I was searching around the Internet the other day, I found these amazing dresses made out of balloons! They are just fantastic, I am a little in love with the blue one above. It’s made out of 15,000 metallic balloons and weighs 11 stone, and as they are not blown up you wouldn’t need to worry about popping any…..

Balloon Dresses These two high end creations could easily slip by unnoticed, but if you take a closer look you can see they are constructed from balloons, very chic.

Balloon Wedding DressStarting to get a bit more balloon like. The above was crafted after being inspired by the Duchess of Cornwall’s wedding dress.. I wouldn’t want to sit down in this one!

Balloon Wedding Dress Not sure I would like the idea of half my dress floating away, but it’s most defiantly quirky.

Mother of the Bride Balloon Outfit And not to be outdone, how about this outfit for the Mother of the Bride?? Stand up buffet anyone?

Source: Drooel, Lostate Minor, Davis Wedding Dress, Geek Out, Fashion Indie

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  2. kim23 October 11, 2011 at 3:27 pm #

    ohhhh…stunning wedding dress made out of balloons? They are very chic, elegant and fantastic! I'm also in love with the blue one above! very lovey post, Victoria! I really enjoyed it!

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