D.I.Y Idea – Pinwheels

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Pinwheel Escort Cards Pinwheels are a lovely idea for an outside wedding, they add movement, can be made of any coloured paper you like – they can also be made out of a reflective material so they catch the light, and they remind us of what it was like to be young and at the seaside….

Wedding Pinwheel The traditional way of making a pinwheel is by taking a square of paper, cutting on the diagonal and then bringing your four corners together and attaching them with a pushpin (for full details please take a look at OnceWed). Style Me Pretty have come up with a lovely stylish petal template that lets you create your pinwheel like the above, giving it a more grown up look. Either method works well and allows you to have a great deal of fun with your day.
Source: Top image from Ginger Designs.

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