Using Vegetables As Wedding Decoration

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vegetable escort cards
There are some great ideas out there if you want to be a bit different and unique on your wedding day. Here are some great images of using vegetables as an alternative to flowers for your wedding, the big advantage is that your guests will be able to take the vegetables home with them which will be eaten over the coming weeks so there will be less waste.
vegetable table centre
The sweet mini vegetables used for escort cards (top) can also double as a light snack during the drinks reception….the arrangement above has a great range of colour. If you where having your reception at home or in the garden the display could double as your vegetable selection during the meal.

Asparagus and Artichoke candles
Using asparagus and artichoke’s to decorate the candles is a nice touch for a rustic feel.

vegetable table display
I think you would have to be very brave to use ‘greens’ for your decoration. They do give a very laid back informal approach to the table.

vegetable carvings
Above are some amazing flower displays carved out of fruit and vegetables, some of these flowers are so well done that they look real, but of course can be eaten at the end of the day.So there you have it a few great ideas about how you can be creative and use vegetables as decorations on your big day. If you plan out what you need you could also grow some of it yourself saving you some money and knowing that it will be all fresh on the day from your (or family member’s) garden.

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