D.I.Y Idea – Daisy Chains

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Such a simple but effective idea especially if you have small children and want to make them feel part of the day, as well as keeping them out of mischief for a little while.

Creating Daisy Chains are so very very simple:
Make sure any flowers you are using have a thick enough stem to be able to make a small split in order to thread another flower stem through and just repeat the process until you have as long a Daisy Chain as you would like. They can be used to make a garland, a headdress or to go around someones wrist.

They could be given to the ladies as they arrive at the ceremony or handed out at the reception. Daisy’s are a brilliant versatile flower to use as a wedding flower and these sweet Daisy bouquets are lovely.

Source from Top: Stephen Kilshaw Blog, Project Wedding. Detailed Daisy Chain Instructions: Daisy Chain Days.

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