The Humble Herb

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Herb Escort cards
People are starting to use herb’s more and more within wedding decorations, where once they were banished to the kitchen. Herb’s are wonderful plants, that smell great, can be a really attractive and a cost saving decoration. What’s more everyone will be able to use them afterwards in the kitchen to create lovely flavourful dishes. So here is a selection of great images that highlight herb’s at their best.

herb placecard Pretty placecards using a small bunch of herbs. A sprig of Thyme or Rosemary could also be placed under a ribbon wrapped around a napkin for an understated rustic look.

Herb centerpiece
Tables at the reception could be named different herbs with a display matching that plant in these lovely silver buckets.

We must not forget that Lavender is part of the herb family too… dried Lavender flowers scattered on the tables instead of synthetic sparkle will add a beautiful touch. Just be careful not to go overboard as Lavender perfume can be very strong.
layered herb centrepiece
This three level system is very effective.
rustic herb display
A wonderful rustic display for a corner table or at the drinks reception.
lavender wedding bouquet
And finally two beautiful herb bouquets, one pure Lavender, and the other a mix. A word of warning – every type of herb has it’s own special meaning and significance so when choosing what herbs to have in your displays it’s always worth just checking them out. For example Rosemary is the symbol for remembrance, eternity and true love. Lavender: best wishes, sensual affairs, desire and devotion. Sweet Marjoram: fresh life, joy of living, goodwill and good luck.

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