Who Needs Flowers? Lollipop fun…

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lollipop flowers Ah lollipops, I love edible decorations, not only are they doing a double job of feeding the guests as well as looking nice, but there is nothing left afterwards, no waste or rubbish to be thrown away.. lollipops come in such a range of colours they will fit into any colour scheme of your choosing, be it in a small way or to decorate your whole venue. The black and white bouquet above was carried by a bride on her wedding day and Lollipop Brides have lots of ideas for different designs for your day.

lollipop tree A little different but great for a wedding or any kind of party is this lollipop tree! I found this on Gumtreeand a lady in the UK is making them if anyone is interested….would be nice for a Christmas party, and advent tree anyone?

lollipop escort cards Escort cards get a yummy twist, also doubling as a favor for your guests.

pink lollipop centre piece
These lovely pink decorations mix lollipops with flowers to create a striking centre piece.

simple lollipop centre piece A simple but effect idea from Real Simple, well it couldn’t be more simple really a lovely understated design that gives a very laid back feel.

butterfly wedding bouquet O.K. so this one has nothing what so ever to do with lollipops but I came across this while searching for pictures and I think it’s so beautiful and different I just had to share!

Source – escort lollies Amorology Weddings via Wedding Window. Pink Lollipop table centres Bridal Buds and Butterfly bouquet DC Nearlyweds

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