Who Needs Flowers??? Fruit Inspiration

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Most people have fresh flowers at their wedding, that’s the norm and they are a great way to decorate your venue. But I have been thinking…. there are lots of other creative ways to add decoration and colour without using real flowers, so over the course of the next month I am going to try and come up with as many different ways to decorate a venue as possible, and my first one is fruit. apple flower centre piece, citrus wedding cake A quick spin through cyberspace has given me some great ideas and wonderful inspiration …. a few things to remember when using fruit for decoration is stay away from soft fruit, sliced bananas or sliced apple as these will go mushy and a not so nice brown colour. Citrus fruit, cherries and berries add great colour and have a wonderful smell especially if you cut some of the citrus fruit to release the juices.

vase filled with citrus fruit

There is great use of both fruit and candles in these two examples of centre pieces…

cherries and candle table centre

tea light and fruit

One of my favorites has to be these apple placecard holders, simple yet effective. apple placecard holders

I hope I have given you some new ideas and inspiration, stay tuned for the next one!

Credits: Apple Centrepiece ehow, Cake from Maisie Fantaisie, Lemon and lime Centerpiece care of Red Gallery Photography , Red Berries with Candle via Truly Engaging, Candle on top of fruit Better Homes and Gardens, Apple Placecard Holders from Yum Sugar

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